The Chinese Communist Party

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The Chinese Communist Party’s coverup led to a pandemic that now threatens the lives of people around the globe. See through the deception, and keep yourself and your family truly informed.

Let's reject the CCP.

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Nurses and healthcare workers mourn and remember their colleagues who died during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (which causes COVID-19) during a demonstration outside Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan on April 10, 2020 in New York City.
Nurses and healthcare workers mourn and remember their colleagues who died during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (which causes COVID-19) during a demonstration outside Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan on April 10, 2020 in New York City.
New York/United States- 03/22/2020 Abandoned Times Square at quarantine time in New York City
Tri-State EMS Workers Confront Growing Number Of Coronavirus Cases YONKERS, NEW YORK - APRIL 06
Family nurse practitioner Kelly Harley shows a hazmat suit at an AllCare Family Medical Clinic, a site that conducts drive-thru testing for the CCP virus, in Washington on April 5, 2020.
An ambulance speeding through traffic at nighttime.

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Investigate, Condemn, and Reject the Chinese Communist Party

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Exposing the Deadly Communist Threat for 20 Years

Communism is estimated to have killed at least 100 million people, yet its crimes have not been fully compiled and its ideology still persists. The Epoch Times seeks to expose the history and beliefs of this movement, which has been a source of tyranny and destruction since it emerged. We believe that investigating and exposing the truth is the only way that we can remain safe.


CCP Virus

Far ahead of other media in covering the CCP virus, commonly referred to as the novel coronavirus.


Subversion of America

Our series "How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World" systematically exposed the evil nature of communism, and the harm is has brought and continues to inflict on America and the world.


Evil Beyond Imagination

We were the first to report on the state-sponsored forced organ harvesting in China - one of the most underreported atrocities of our time. Prisoners of conscience in China are ravaged, killed, and their organs sold for profit on an industrial scale.


Igniting a Movement

Our editorial series “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” ignited a grassroots movement in China to reject communism. Since its publication, over million people (and counting) have withdrawn from China’s three major communist organizations.


Breaking SARS

Three weeks before the CCP admitted that anything was happening, The Epoch Times was among the first to expose the seriousness and scale of the SARS epidemic. Our earliest reporting on SARS dated back to Jan. 20, 2003 and was only in Chinese. Jiang Yanyong(photo) is a Chinese physician who publicized a coverup of the SARS in China.


Sacrifice for the truth

A few months after our founding, 10 Epoch Times staff members in China were jailed and sentenced to long prison terms—ranging from three to 10 years—for exposing communist repression and human rights abuses. Most were tortured.


The Epoch Times Editorials/Commentaries on the CCP Virus

Documentary: Tracking Down the Origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus
Documentary: Hong Kong Revelation (The CCP Method)
Special Report: The Coronavirus Pandemic's Wall Street Connection
Editorial: Giving the Right Name to the Virus Causing a Worldwide Pandemic
Editorial: Wherever Ties to the Chinese Communist Party Are Close, the CCP Virus Follows
Time Has Come to Remove the Cancer of the CCP
China Launches Global Disinformation Campaign in Attempt to Shift Blame for CCP Virus
The Mysterious Origins of the CCP Virus
Silenced: Stories of Citizens Suppressed for Speaking the Truth About the CCP Virus

MORE Exclusive coverage on the CCP Virus

About Us

A Brief Introduction to The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times was started in 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, by Chinese-Americans who had fled communist China. Their purpose was to bring truthful and uncensored news to Chinese people worldwide—people oppressed by lies, violence, and propaganda. The English edition of The Epoch Times was started in 2004 also seeking to be an independent voice that delivers uncensored and truthful information.

In December 2000, a few months after we began publishing, 10 of our staff members in China were jailed and tortured. They were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 3 to 10 years. This forced us to work largely underground in China.

Even so, The Epoch Times’ contributors continued to be targeted: One died in a Chinese prison in 2017 after 12 years in jail; another was released on February 13, 2018 after over 10 years in jail.

Despite these challenges, we’ve remained committed from the beginning to getting the truth out against considerable opposition—this determination will forever be part of The Epoch Times ethos.

In the face of financial, physical, and cyber attacks from one of the world’s most tyrannical regimes, The Epoch Times has remained committed to honest and traditional journalism in fulfilling its duty to inform the public.

We investigate issues overlooked, or avoided by other media outlets. We don't spin the news, push biased agendas, or create false narratives. We give the facts and the context to allow readers to make up their own minds.

Our reporting covers a wide range of topics, including national politics, holistic health, foreign affairs, traditional culture, immigration, and food and lifestyle.

We see the global cultural and moral destruction wrought by communism as the most overlooked story of the 21st century. So we take special care to expose this deadly ideology and the universal harm it has caused.

In all that we do, we make an earnest attempt to hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. This is our promise to you.